Is Once Saved Always Saved? comes very timely, when this question has been in debate in the minds of many a believer, especially in these last days.

Many genuine Christians are sitting on the fence on this doctrine, as I personally was, for a long time. Unfortunately some who know the truth are fighting shy, to come boldly, to take a stand on this doctrine. Unlike any other doctrine which can pass by, this one can cost our soul of being separated from God.

Today, many believers in the Church, lack spiritual discernment on Sound Doctrine. The Lord Jesus addressed all such ‘believers’ who lost their souls into eternity as ‘Foolish’ (through His various parables) and each were caught by surprise on that Day.

Satan has used many out there, to confuse the Church regarding the Doctrine of ‘Once Saved always Saved’ making many a once faithful believer in Christ,​ now into lukewarm ‘Foolish Virgins’.

I have written this article to clarify this. In other words, is it possible for a ‘Born Again Christian’ to go to Eternal Hell? You need to know the answer to that question before it’s too late, knowing it could have eternal consequences. For your attitude to that question, would determine your priorities.

What is the Truth?




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